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Reflexive Composer

Keren Rosenbaum, a NY based Israeli born, is a Reflexive Composer, composes situations performed in her own performative platform:  The Active Listening Playground. creator of the REFLEXIVE MUSIC and the Reflexive Listening  practice known as ALP Method.


Rosenbaum made her first public appearance at the age of nine with the live performance of a march for a full youth orchestra. She made a promise to herself to never compose in E flat scale again!  Two years in the Tel Aviv academy were enough to convince her that she must move to Europe. Graduated the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, Holland, 1995.


In 2006 back in Israel she initiated and curated the "New Voices" festival, the first underground interdisciplinary music festival in the north of Israel. Founded the Reflex Ensemble, a unique collective of classical musicians, jazz musicians and actors, as well as lighting, sound, photography and video artists, art directors, philosophers and more from Israel, Europe, and the US.  


In her compositions, Rosenbaum employs pre-recorded soundtracks, live electronics, contemporary notation, and her signature conducting-via-earphones technique. While structured and choreographed, the music allows for a degree of freedom that both provides room for personal expression and demands a higher sense of aesthetic responsibility from each performer. 


Her work is often described both by listeners and performers as "passionately inventive" and "on the edge", with the quality of making one experience deeply and unforgettable the act of the music. (...just like a roller coaster ride) In 2011 she founded the Listening Revolution a worldwide ongoing collaboration of people who believe music can change the world and developing unique programs to encourage it. 


In 2013 she founded Composing Community Global Org. dedicated to spread Reflexive Music through workshops and performances through it's performative stage: The Active Listening Playground. ALP Method, ALP Tools emerged from the Reflex Invisible Score and continue developing up to date.


In 2011 inspired to compose communities worldwide, Rosenbaum continued exploring the language of reflexiveness to be conceptualized with a group of dedicated students from Arts Uni, Helsinki and Al Akhawayn School Of Ifrane, Morocco  communicate into Reflexive Communication. The practice of this communication which became a practice Rosenbaum explains as: practicing playfulness as a coping mechanism for effective communication.

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