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Like in any other game, knowing the rules building strategies or imagining the game can never replace the joy of actually playing the game. In The Operagame, the rules are simple! 

The Game Masters are the ones who already played the game in advance. In addition they get the choice of becoming the Opera-Game Conductors and move the game forward.


So what's an Operagame?


The first Opera Game commissioned and created for ExClaM! Helsinki, Finland is a performative platform which examines relations of communication tools and its potential expressive force. In an opera we have a dramatic work, which can be serious or funny, it blends elements of theater, dance and music. The content is spoken, sang, acted or danced. There should be a score, there can be a script, music is a main component, drama comes through the music it is a theatrical production.


A game is a form of play with goals and structure. It is an activity among two or more independent decision-makers seeking to achieve their objectives in some limiting structure. Engaging in a game can be very rewording and empowering. An inspiring space to play game can be a playground.


The OPERAGAME is a new platform, another level of safe environment where anything can happen, where there is no good or bad, where things can be intimate and extravagant and live next to each other in harmony, the same as in a traditional opera all the elements, the drama, the comedy the sounds the rhythms, the structure. This is a truly 21st century opera, the ongoing attempts to imitate life, presenting some version of a moment, it is creating an operatic moment by making the right score to invite a situation where real opera as an art form of life can magically form.

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