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Early Music

1994 - TIES - THE QUARTET / קורטט קשירות  

Composed for flute, oboe, clarinet and violin performed Rubi Tel-Aviv Academy of Music.



1993 - MECHANISM A  / 'מכאניזם א

Composed for flute, oboe, clarinet, violin and Trombone, performed by the Royal Conservatory in The Hague students, conductor Micha Hamel. Revised for REFLEX Ensemble and conducted by Talia Ilan.

1993 - 3 LITTLE NIGHTMARES FOR PIANO SOLOS / שלושה סיוטים לפסנתר סולו


1992 TIES (Revised) Composed  for clarinet, violin, viola, cello 


1991 3 LITTLE NIGHTMARES for piano solo

1990 VE-HA-CHOCH-MA / ו-החוכמה (Translation:The wisdom, Text: The book of Jonah)

Composed for piano, flute and voice, with Idit Krimolovsky: soprano, Neomi Mandel: piano Keren rosenbaum: flute


1988 - CREATION / בריאה

A duo for two flutes

1985 - EL-SHUNARA SYMPHONIC POEM /  פואמה סימפונית: אל-שונארה 

Composed for a Symphonic Orchestra 

1984 - SHORT VARIATIONS CLARINET AND FLUTE /  וריאציות קצרות לחליל וקלרינט 

Composed for flute and clarinet in Bb

1984 - CHAINS / LU-LA-OT / לולאות  (Translation: Chains)

A duo for clarinet and piano

1984 - THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA / הזקן והיום

Composed for piano solo

1982 - MARCH AVIV / מארש אביב  (March of Spring)

Composed for the Kiryatl One Symphonic Youth Band

1981 - OLD MAN AND THE SEA - For Piano solo


Composed For Piano Solo

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